What Are The Top 9 Exciting Campfire Drinking Games?

You must have experienced the awkward moment right at the beginning of every campfire. Moreover, you can relate with the boredom of plain barbecue and flipping burgers in silence. Has the coldness of the night ever made you fall asleep? These situations are an absolute mood kill for any camping trip. However, with these top 9 exciting campfire drinking games, you no longer have to go through the boredom.

Camping can be so much more than just a hobby thanks to drinking games. Campfire drinking games are the perfect solution to killing boredom. If you’re looking to create a strong bond with your group or simply looking to rekindle the family relations then drinking games can help you in a huge way. You get closer to your friends and family, all the while having lots of fun.


There are certain classics when it comes to drinking games. However, you have the option of creating mixtures of new version with the classic games. These games allow you to have fun with or without alcohol so even the non-drinkers can participate as well without feeling left out.

All that you require making your night memorable are some fun people like yourself and affordable drinks. Try these amazing games at your next camping trip.

1. Beer Pong

​This game is particularly famous in colleges. However, the drinking game is perfect for any camping trip.

  • All that you need is a table. Make sure it’s flat or you can simply make use of an extended surface.
  • Gather plastic cups, beer and make some ping-pong balls.

​The game can be played in teams of two. However, you have the option of going with a one-on-one technique as well. It really depends on your personal preference. The players are required to prepare ten cups at every end of the flat surface/table. The cups need to be arranged in a pattern similar to bowling pins. All the plastic cups should be filled up halfway with the drink (beer). The players are to be positioned on one side of the surface/table.

​By standing on one side, the players will be able to throw the ping-pong balls comfortably in the cups across the table. Every time a player from one team makes the shot, the players from the opposing team must drink up. Each team is allowed two shots. In the case of, both teams making shots, they re-take their turns. The game goes on till one of the teams is able to make the shot in every cup.

​2. Alphabet Game

​Alphabet game is super fun and an excellent way to get drunk. What you basically require is to around in circles. One player starts with the first alphabet and utters a word and the next one states another word starting with the next alphabet. The game can be made more interesting by having a theme.

For instance, you can have country names as the theme. You can start with America and then the next player will have to state “America, Bhutan” so on and so forth. This is to be repeated till a person forgets the name of a country. They will then have to miss their turn and take a shot instead.

3. I Never​

This game is fairly simple and quite popular with colleges and high schools. All that you need in “I Never” is to make sure that every player has a cup filled with the drink selected for the game. All the players are supposed to gather around the campfire. Each player takes a turn and makes a statement starting with “I never”. Anyone and everyone who have experienced the statement are supposed to take the drink.​

For instance, if a player states that they have never egged anyone’s house. Anyone who has done so is supposed to take the drink. This is another way of bonding with your group and opening about silly things with ease.​

​4. Bocce

Bocce is a classical campfire drinking game. Interestingly, the team at the furthest distance is supposed to make the drink instead of simply keeping score. The number of shots depends on how close the winning team has gotten in the white ball/ Pallino.

The game can be turned up a notch and each measurement can be corresponded to drinking. However, once a group get the bocce (ball touches Pallino) the other team has to drink up. The game is usually played with beer but you can mix things up with any drink of your liking.​

​5. Cornhole

Via Allen Bearce

​This game is rather similar to the famous, bocce. The game is perfect for getting drunk in the smoothest way possible. The game has simple rules that allow everyone to participate. Moreover, the participants have the option of changing the rules in accordance with their needs. All that you really need is some beer and you have the entire night to enjoy.

6. Polish Horseshoes​

Via Mike Weinhold

Polish horseshoes is amongst the very best drinking games out there. It’s a casual game and quite easy to understand. It has small challenging aspects to it.

You’re basically required to prepare two poles or sticks, beer and a Frisbee. The game includes two teams. One team is supposed to throw the Frisbee at a time. Every time a team manages to directly hit the bottle off the stick or pole, the team receives three points. Similarly, a group/team will be awarded two points if the bottles are thrown off the pole after getting hit.

The defending team has the option of gaining a point if they catch the falling bottle. You can play to any number of points as you need.​

​7. Water Pong

Water pong is super fun to play. The best part is that you get to spend time at a river or lake/pond in this game. It works in a similar manner as beer pong but this has to be played in a lake. The game allows you to play without plastic cups as well. All that you need is a light flat surface or table.

Place the flat surface in the water.The rules are same as beer pong. Water pong will take drinking games to a whole new level.​

8. Dizzy Bat​

The dizzy bat game works pretty much for any camping situation. The game offers you two different variations. Each version has its own entertainment value and you can choose.

One game is in the form of relay. You’re basically supposed to chug a beer bottle followed by spinning at least ten times. After having done with the spinning, you’re supposed to start running back and forth between two designated points. You can tag any player (teammate) and then they’ll have to take your place.

You have the option of filling up a ball bat with beer and a can. In the case of striking out, you can simply fill it up and go for another try. This adult game is worth playing for everyone.​

9. Dropsky Drinksky​

This game requires you to work with a keg but you have the option of playing with cups as well. You’re basically needed to be positioned in a circle of kegs or cups. You are then supposed to throw around a football. Every participant needs to hold beer in order to create additional challenge in the game. If you drop your beer then you’ll have to start running in the middle. This might include chugging a cup as well.

Next on, you’re supposed to wait for a pass in order to catch the ball. If you are unable to catch the ball then you’ll have to take another try at it. This game can hit you hard so you need to be alert. The game is designed to make you understand how a ball can get anyone drunk.​

Final Thoughts​

Drinking and camping is a wonderfully fun combination. Any dull campfire can simply be turned into a whole of excitement with a drinking game. However, in order to keep the spirit alive and to ensure a happy ending, you must make sure to drink with complete responsibility.

Keep in mind that peer pressure is not forcing you into playing or drinking more. Only you know your sober limit. In order to keep things safe, water can be added to the drinks. There is no need to chug on neat vodkas and beers as you’ll completely ruin the idea of camping, if things get out of hand.​

No one wants those nasty hangovers. Keep in mind to eat prior to all this drinking. Never panic on the question of drinking games. Know what you want and don’t be afraid to take a stance. These precautions are necessary to control the camping situation.

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy these highly memorable games that will last you a lifetime! Happy Camping.​

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