My name is Lucy Gomez, and I’ve been camping my whole life. It’s just natural to me! I’m also great at persuading my city-loving friends to swap the skyscrapers and cappuccino’s for sticks and marshmallows too! But here’s the thing - at first these friends are full of fear about the great unknown, and they have so so so many questions, like...

“How cold will it be?”

“What should I wear to bed?”

“How do you know where to go wild camping?”

“Are there bears?”

“Should I bring walking boots or flip flops?”

“How do you charge your phone?”

“What do you mean you don’t usually even take your phone?”

“Where do you pee?"

…and my favourite “we don’t have to catch our own dinner with our bare hands in the river, do we?"

..with these questions and even more eccentric ones coming in thick and fast, I decided to get together a team of wildlife-loving camping experts of all ages and backgrounds to help me provide the best possible answers - even for the ones that haven’t been asked yet!

Our Mission

Getcampingwild.com gathers all the best camping tips to inspire and improve camping for all adventurers! Whether you’re an established starlight-sleeper or a first time pop-up-tenter, we aim to help you make all your future camping trips stress-free but unforgettable.

Welcome To Our Camp

Together, our goal is to make a friendly, fun and inspiring space especially for campers. We want to make all of our next camping trips the most rewarding adventure yet!

Getcampingwild.com is a place where campers can share everything we’ve learned along the (sometimes prickly) way in the wilderness. It’s a place where new explorers can find out everything need-to-know about those first few steps into the great outdoors.So, welcome to the camp! Let’s swap stories, share tips and more - let’s get wild about camping!