The Best Adult Campfire Games For Epic Fun

One of the best parts of a camping trip has to be the night campfire. Sitting around the campfire can be a source of adventure and leisure that can be enjoyed by everyone, especially adults.

I do think, however, that there are times though where you have a group of adults around a campfire where there is nothing to talk about. That can be when the camping trip gets boring.

So to help prevent this problem, I have come up with a list of adult campfire games that can be played. These games are a way to make your campfire chats more exciting in nature.


​Truth or Dare

This game, it turns out, is a great game to play around a campfire. It’s simplicity and the things that you get to do during this game is amazing.

For those who are not aware of what this game is, it basically consists of two parts. You ask someone ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ and then they have to choose between the two. If they choose truth, you have to ask them about something that may be true and then they have to answer that question truthfully.

When it comes to the ‘dare’ part, you have to tell that person to do something such as scream out loud or sing a song. If the person does not do as they say, you make them pay a penalty such as drinking six shots of alcohol or making them do push-ups. The same thing goes for the truth option as well.

The more intriguing the truth or dares are, and the more outrageous and entertaining the punishments, the better this game gets.

Who am I?

​If you think you couldn’t learn anything from a campfire chat, think again. This game is all about guessing a person or object that the other person is describing, without them telling you what it is.

The best part of all of this is that you and your friends can play many variations of the game. You guys can play in groups; taking terms at picking themes to choose certain people. You could even do the game by making a person choose a person out of a hat and then force them to guess that person that they chose out of the hat.

Would you rather

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​One of the classic games out there, this is a game that will get everyone interested when guys are around a campfire.

The basic idea of this game is that you have to ask someone whether they would one thing or another. Some classic questions such as, “would you rather walk over glowing rocks or over broken glass”, or, “would you rather drive a Porsche or a Ferrari super car”, can be asked. Then, the person being asked will choose between the two options and then explain why they would choose that option.

Not only is this game very simple, but the questions could be just enough to keep you entertained around a campfire for hours on end.

Like many of the games on this list, you can change it up by putting a time limit on how much time that the person can think for each question. Or you could ask the person something outrageous and then force them to choose. The more entertaining the questions are, the better this game gets around the campfire.

​Two truths and a lie

​Have you ever seen those game shows where the host makes the contestant guess whether something is true or not? This game is the one that could bring in a game show themed tune to the campfire group.

What happens is this; you state two facts that are true and one fact that is a lie. The whole group then has to guess which facts are true and which facts are not.

Like many games on this list, you can mix this game up with other variations. You could, for example, just state something and get everyone to guess whether it is true or not. The more creative, interesting or outrageous the facts are, the more fun everyone that everyone will have. These variations are why this game is truly one of the most exciting campfire games out there.

​Wink Murdering game

​This game is all about deception. The idea is that someone has to choose the killer in the group and then the whole group has to guess who the killer is without winked at (and dying at the same time). When someone has spotted someone wink at another person, then the wink killer has to fess up and the game is over.

Everyone can choose the killer in a number of ways. You can pull names out of a hat. Or everyone can close their eyes while you go and tap the person who will be the killer. Whichever way that you choose the killer, it doesn’t matter. As long as the killer is chosen, then the game can continue on.

The best part of this game is that everyone can take a turn at being the killer. Being deceptive and intrigued at the same time are all why this game is a great game to play.

​Famous people

​The aim of the game here is that someone in the group starts off with a famous name such as Dwayne Johnson. Then, someone else has to come up with another name where the first name starts with the first letter of the last name. This goes on and on until someone fails to come up with a name. If that happens, the person is out of the game.

This game can work with any celebrities. You could choose genres to make the game more difficult, or you could make it so that there is a time limit. Either way, this game is sure likely to stretch your mind, especially at a campfire.

​Chinese whispers

​Ever wanted to be a secret agent? This game allows you in some way to do that – without actually getting caught. The whole idea of this game is that everyone lines up in a row. Someone will whisper a message down one end of the row and then the message will be passed down the row until the last person gets whispered towards. The last person has to then say out loud the message.

If you want to make the game more competitive, then make the Chinese whisper a race. Divide into teams and then have a race to see who can get their message whispered down the rows the quickest.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. I think it’s important to have fun while everyone is camping; especially when everyone is an adult around a campfire with nothing to do. Playing a game is one of the best ways of passing the time. That’s why I came up with this list so that you know what kind of games that you can play the next time that you are at a campfire.

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