Best 10-Person Tent For The Greatest Fun With Your Friends.

Over the past couple of years, I have gone out camping a few times with some of my best friends. We have had a great time together sleeping in large tents and just the idea of having everyone in the same tent, especially when it rains at night, is fun as well.

It got me thinking though – what is the best large tents on the market? There are so many brands out there that one must think all the time about all of this.

That is why I have come up with the best 10 person tents to use for your next camping trip.




Number of Doors



Ozark Trail

11.6 x

12 x

27.5 inches



​Columbia Sportswear Fall River

84 x

180 x

120 inches



Arizona GT

80.4 x 208.8 x





Ozark Trail ConnecTENT





Coleman WeatherMaster

10.23 x 10.23 x 30.31 inches



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What you should think about when you are purchasing a large tent

1. How easy it is to use?​

Beside camping gear, ten man tents or bigger can be a pain to set up. Long poles are needed to hold the tent up and numerous pieces of strings need to be bolted to the ground to ensure that the tent did not fly away when the wind blew against it. Along with that comes the long set up and taking down the tent that can be a pain besides camping gear.

However, these days you can find a variety of large tents,  with numerous set up methods that can make your camping life easier. Some tents have poles that are pre installed into the skeleton of the tent. Others have attached strings to the outside of the tent to ensure that every part of the tent is secured. Big tents also have numerous methods of opening up the tent to make moving easy. That allows you to select a good tent at a good price.

​2. What kind of materials are the tent made out of?

​As always, the kind of materials that the tent is made out of will always play a part in any buying decision, whether it is a small tent or the large tents that we will be exploring in this article. The cheaper the tent, the less strong the materials of the tent will be.

Here are some examples of materials that you can expect from a tent.​

  • Nylon. This material tends to deteriorate in the longer term in the sun light.
  • Canvas cotton. This material is durable, but easily absorbs water, making the tent heavy.
  • Silicone. This helps the fly tent stay waterproof.

​We recommend that you buy a 10 person tent that has zips that are long lasting and are not damaged as easily. Otherwise, you will be getting things in your tent that you won’t like.

3. The kind of shape that you want for your tent.​

This part depends on what you personally prefer. I am generally a fan of the hybrid tents where the tent is dome shaped and boxed shaped. Some other people would prefer that the tent is shaped in a canopy so that the tent can fit everyone in to the same area for sleeping.

How you want to sleep with your family and friends along with how you want to arrange the tent will form part of your decision to buy a large tent.

What I also find with the shape of the tent is that the more expensive the tent you are buying, the more sophisticated the shapes become. That’s where the hybrid shaped tents come in and they are pretty fancy as well. So be aware that the kind of shape that you want may not be at your price range.​

​4. Time of year you want to use your tent.

​As much as this sounds like an obvious question, when you use your tent can matter. There are some tents that are designed to be used in all seasons. These tents tend to be made out of highly durable materials that help make the tent sturdy and well ventilated.

Whereas if you were to get a three season tent, you will be looking at a tent that is designed to be used during the summer, fall and spring. These tents tend to be light weight, provide privacy and can sustain heavy rain. However, these tents are not designed to deal with harsh conditions in the long run.

5. Other accessories and features for your tent.​

One of the things that I personally look when buying the best 10-person tent, for example, is whether the tent comes with a tent foot. This sheet of material is designed for keeping the tent ground dry. If the tent does come with a tent foot, which many do these days, I am more likely to buy it as it provides an extra layer of protection against the wet ground.

Here are some other options that you can decide on:​

  • Do you want extra windows or extra doors?
  • Do you want more room space or head room to make getting up and sleep easier?
  • Do you want your tent to be semi-attachable?

​All of these things are up to you and we’ll explore some of these things in the next section.

​Our best tents that you should think about buying.

​1. Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

What I like about this ten-person tent is that this tent has six windows and two doors. As a result, you get great panoramic views all around you and your mates when you wake up. The six windows and the two side doors also help provide great ventilation so that you and you friends can stay cool at night when it can get stuffy inside.

Along with that comes the great central door of the ten-person tent so that you and your mates can enter the tent easily. Not only that, but the central and two side doors help provide that extra privacy when needed.​

The other plus that comes out of this ten person tent is that the fly seams of the tent are well made to withstand water leakage from the outside environment. This allows you and your friends to stay dry for as long as possible​


  • Comes with one central and two side doors for extra ventilation and privacy.
  • Six windows for panoramic views.
  • Strong fly seams on the tent.


  • Not available to customers in California.

​2. Columbia Sportswear Fall River 10 Person Instant Dome Tent.

​The first thing that you will notice when you buy this ten-person tent is that it is big enough to stand in. Sitting at eighty-four inches high, this tent is good enough for the tallest of your camping friends to stand in as they make their way out of the tent and back into the tent.

Along with that comes the covered windows that allow great ventilation, along with the two ground vents as well. This also means that you get great views in all kinds of weather, 360 degrees and all.

One special part of this tent is that there is a concealed utility port outlet on this tent. This means that you can plug in your electronics, such as your tablet or smartphone, so you can use it at night. Great for when you have kids around so that you can charge your devices to entertain them at any cost.

The tent also comes with pocket compartments so that small personal belongings can be placed in these storage spaces. Allows the inside of the tent to be kept tidy.

Very easy to set up and taking down can be a breeze. A great tent that you should consider.


  • Utility Port compartment for charging and using electronics.
  • Covered windows and ground vents for great ventilation.
  • Pocket compartments for storing personal belongings.


  • Requires a bit of adjustment in rolling the tent as you are packing the tent up.

​This tent has to be one of the most family friendly ten person tents on this list. This should be no surprise – this tent was ranked on one list in 2016 as one of the top ten family tents to buy.

What makes this tent great is the amount of protection that is given to occupants from flying insects such as mosquitoes. There are mosquito meshes inside the tent that will do that job for you as well as provide a bit of privacy if the fly of the tent is not being used.

Speaking of the rain fly, the fly for this tent is very sophisticated. It can protect against uv rays and intense weather because it is made out of a double layer polystyrene that draws moisture away from the tent.

As well as being family friendly, this tent is capable of acting as a great storage room since there are excellent gear compartments and great utility compartments.

The best part of using this tent though is that thanks to the aluminium pin and ring system, setting up the tent and taking it down is very easy. There is no need for all of this fuss where you need an extra pair of hands to get the tent down.


  • Pin and ring system allows great set up and take down.
  • Mosquito meshes protects against mosquitoes and other biting insects
  • .Advanced fly.


  • Windows can only be opened from the outside of the tent.

4. Ozark Trail ConnecTENT 10-person 3-Dome Tent.

For those who are wondering what the 3-dome part of the name means, I will tell you – it means that this tent can be separated into three smaller tents in terms of width and height.This means that you don’t have to use all of the tent if you have less people coming or you might want to separate your camping friends just in case some of them don’t like sleeping with one another at night.

The other thing that is good about this tent is that despite being able to separate into three other tents, this 10-person tent is easy to set up. This tent can easily be set up within less than 20 minutes. That means more time for other things such as talking to your mates or cooking the campfire dinner.

Along with the easy set-up, there is a great room available for guests to plug in a double stacked queen air mattress or twin air mattresses in the tent. That shows you just how roomy that tent can be.​


  • Tent can be separated into three smaller tents.
  • Easy to set up in under 20 minutes.
  • Enough to fit a few large mattresses inside.


  • Bottoms of the tent are not completely sealed when tents are together – allows bugs in.
  • Bad set up instructions.

5. Coleman Weather Master 10 Person Hinged Door Tent.

​If you are looking for a tent that is designed for all of the seasons, then this tent may do the trick for you. With a specially designed polyester coating and a weather tec system, this tent does not allow moisture into the tent for as long as possible.

That means that you and your co-habitants of the tent can camp in the harshest of conditions as possible.The set up of the tent is interesting as well. Since the poles are color coded, this means that you can match the poles to the pole sleeves and get the tent poles up as quickly as possible.

This tent is good enough to fit three big queen air mattresses in so that you and your friends can enjoy as much sleep as possible on comfortable beds, if you choose to do so.

Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Weather tec system and polyester material keep occupants dry.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Color-coded pole set up system for easy set up of the tent.


  • Weather master system can fail at times in torrential rain.
  • Not very easy to put tent back into the bag.

​Our verdict

Via www.amazon.com

The winner of this line up for the best 10 person tent has to be the Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person 17.4 by 8 Foot Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm Tent. We love that this tent is family friendly due to the mosquito meshes and the great ventilation as well. Plus the pin and ring system makes the tent easy to set up and take down.

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to put a comment down below. You can do the same if you have any questions. We answer as soon as we can and all enquiries are welcome.​

Lucy Gomez

Hi there, I'm Lucy Gomez, camp editor at Getcampingwild.com. I grew up in a suburb of Oklahoma and I have been camping my entire life. Camping in the wild is a way of life for me.

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