The Best Backpacking Water Filter For Nice, Clean Water.

Whenever I am in the great outdoors, I have often found that a backpacking water filter is one of the most important things to pack for in backpacking. What I have found over the past few years of using these water filters is that not only is it convenient for you to use when you don’t have any water on you, but I have found out that using a water filter is agreat way to save time and money on the long run when you are out and about.

That is why I have come up with a list of the best backpacking water filters that you should try out right now.


Product Name

Filter Capacity

Filtration Level


Our Rate

Very High

0.2 Microns

Glass fiber

>264 Gallons

100 Microns

High-flow carbon filter

~ 26,417 Gallons

0.05 Microns

3 Removable Internal Filter Stages

~ 396 Gallons

0.01 Microns

3 Removable Internal Filter Stages

~ 264 Gallons

0.2 Microns

Fiber membrane

~ 10000 Gallons

0.1 Microns

Very specical

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What to look for in getting a backpacking water filter?

​Here are some aspects of water filters that you should look at when choosing one.

​1. What kind of style of filter do you want?

​Which filter that you decide to buy will often depend on your personal choice. Here are some examples of filters that you will come across in your search for a backpacking waterfilter:

Squeeze water filters

Straw filters

Bottle filters

2. Does your water filter double as a water purifier?

​If you are buying the best backpacking water filter, then you might want to check whether your water filter comes with a water purifier. Whereas a water filter gets rid of bacteria and protozoan cysts, purifiers can get rid of viruses.

It is not always necessary to have a water filter that doubles as a water purifier. That wholly depends on what kind of water sources that you are drinking out of in the first place. That is why it is always great to check whether your backpack water filter doubles as a water purifier for those times when you need to drink out of a questionable source.

3. How often do you have to replace the parts of the water filter?

​This question entirely depends on how often you are planning on using the water filter for. If you are going to be using the water filter for months in an emergency, then it would be best to buy a water filter where you can reuse the filter over and over again and then replace.

However, if you are going to be using a water filter for only one trip or two, then it may be best to buy a water filter with easily disposable elements. That way, you can save your money and use the filter as long as the backpacking trip lasts. No point in buying a filter that will last forever when realistically you’ll only be using the filter once or twice.

4. Ultimately, what material do you want your water filter to use?​

​When it comes to selecting a backpacking water filter for your next trip, having a water filter that you are comfortable with is a must. Here are some examples of water filters that you should consider before buying one.

Activated carbon filter

Ultraviolet water filters

Fiber filter

​The six products that you should try out

Now that we have covered what you should look for in getting a backpacking water filter, we will now look at some of the best backpacking water filters out there that you can try on your next backpacking trip.

​1. Katadyn Vario Water Filter



  • Comes with two filters.
  • Multiple water flow options.
  • Little maintenance required.


  • Bulky in size.
  • Filter can become leaky at times.

This activated carbon filter is the kind of filter that you should consider fi you want to control the flow of the water that you want. With dual pumping modes being offered, this filter can produce either two quarts of water or one quart of water, depending on how you want to use this fantastic filter.

What makes this water filter great for those backpacking trips is the two filter that are contained in this water filter pump.

First, there is the ceramic filter. This is the one that is used when you are drinking from dirty water. This is referred to, by the company, as the longer life option because the filter guarantees that you can drink from dirty, contaminated water in an emergency.

Second, there is the glass filter. This is when you want to drink from sources other than dirty water. This is best used when you are bringing tapped water from home where you want to get rid of the chlorine taste or you are using water from another source that is clean, but you want to take a precaution just in case.

Overall, this product makes a very good backpacking water filter with little maintenance required.

2. Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector.​



  • Great for multiple users.
  • Can be attached wherever a hose can be attached.
  • Can act as both a purifier and filter.


  • Cannot store water.
  • Pressure of water flow from water filter lessens over time.

​If you are going on an RV trip anywhere across the USA or in any other country, it might pay to have a water filter that can be attached to any hose and therefore filter out drinkable water. This Camco filter does just that.

Primarily an activated carbon filter, the filter comprises of two parts – a 100 micron sediment filter and a high carbon filter. The sediment filter will get rid of bad taste, chlorine or any odors that are contained in the water source. That ensures you that the water you drink at least has a nice, fresh taste to it.

The high carbon filter on the other hand will make sure that you don’t have any bacterial or fungal growth in the filter over a long period of time. You don’t want to be one of those people who constantly gets sick just because the filter that you are drinking out of is contaminated with bacteria and fungi all the time.

Most of all, this water filter comes with a hose protector to prevent hose kinking. A great filter to use when you have lots of guests around.



  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Filters are long-lasting.
  • Lightweight.


  • Instructions for the filter can be hard to understand.
  • Person has to use great sucking force to drink the water from the filter system.

​This is a filter that is designed for size and for getting filtered water as clean as possible.

The great aspect of this filter is that the filters themselves are designed to last for a long time. The membrane ultra-filter can last for 100,000 liters; the carbon filters up to 1000 liters and the and the cotton filters can last up to 1000 liters as well. This makes the survivor filter a great addition to a survivor kit or on one of those long backpacking trips.

To make sure that the filter system will not make your health worse, this filter comes with a mouthpiece to make sure that bacteria stays out of the system. In fact, this filter can screw onto most bottles and canteens, making it a versatile filter to use.

With a lifetime guarantee and being lightweight itself, this is a good filter to consider.



  • Lightweight.
  • Can filter out most bacteria borne diseases.
  • Can filter up to 1500 liters of water.


  • Requires a lot of effort to drink water out of the filter system.

The first of the straw designed filters on this list, this filter is even more impressive when you think about the fact that this straw filter system comes with three filters that can remove waterborne bacteria such as E.coli and cholera etc.

Not only has it been safety tested, but it has also designed to be as lightweight as possible. This makes the filter greatly suited for long-distance activities such as hiking or backpacking where you need to keep your energy levels high. Also, with the straw filter system being able to deliver about 1500 liters of water, you can drink water out of any water source whether the source is dirty or not.

Don’t worry if you don’t like the idea of sucking water out of a river or a pond, though. This straw filter system comes with a pouch to store drinking water, a syringe for cleaning the filter and has a longer straw that attaches to the filter system.​



  • Requires little maintenance because it has few moving parts.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great for emergencies.


  • Only suitable for one person.
  • Lifestraw is not designed much else apart from being a survival tool.

Out of all of the filter systems on this list, this has to be the most popular. This straw filter system has been used by millions of people ever since it was launched in 2005. The main reason for this filter being popular is due to the filter not having any chemicals being used such as iodine or chlorine.

Since it comes sealed in a bag, this filter is perfect for emergencies. Once opened out of it’s bag, it will filter around 99% of bacteria and parasites.

Cleaning the filter is also a breeze. All you have to do is blow back into the filter to drain out the dirty water and flush the membranes of the filter.



  • Can be used both in survival and recreational situations.
  • Filters up to 100000 gallons of water.
  • Can be used by multiple people.Compact.


  • If using the water bottles, the filter takes time to fill bottles up.

This is a filter system that is excellent for outdoor activities such as hiking and walking long distances. It is also a great survival tool that can be used in multiple ways such as being used to clean water for cooking purposes etc.

Since it comes with a drinking pouch, disposable water bottles, hydration packs or the straw can be used on its own; this is a filtration system that can be versatile and suitable to one’s needs. Plus, the small size allows the filter to fit into the palm of one’s hands.

Cleaning plunger is also provided to allow you to clean this great backpacking water filter.

Our conclusion.​


We recommend that you buy the Sawyer product water filter system. Not only can it filter out water for 100000 gallons, but it has a compact and easy to use filtration system.

If you would like to know more about the products or you would like to leave some questions for us to answer, then feel free to let us know in the comment section below.All questions and enquiries are welcome.​

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