The Best Cabin Tents For Camping In The Great Outdoors.

I have been an avid fan of cabin tents for many years. I have always enjoyed the idea of being in cabin tents because of the sloping roofs and the room that these tents provide. That itself has provided great protection against the rain and all the other elements that are involved with tent camping.

With that though, I have decided to find the best cabin tents to buy right now on the market today. I have found six cabin tents that are not just perfect for camping in the outdoors, but provide just as good of an experience as a normal tent. 




Number of Doors



CORE 9 Person

10.5 x 11 x 48 inches



Timber Ridge 6-Person





Flexible Fiberglass

84 x 120 x 168 inches



Ozark Trail 16x16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room

12.6 x 14.17 x 52.36 inches


Polyester fabric

Northwest Territory Large 10 Person

very large



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Best cabin tent buying guide: What to look out for.

Here are some of the aspects of buying a cabin tent to think about before purchasing one.

1. What kind of sized cabin tent are you looking for?

I know that cabin tents tend to be quite roomy compared to other kinds of tents; the sloping feature of cabin tents give off that feeling all the time. But that doesn’t mean that all cabin tents are going to fit the criteria for what you are looking for.

Luckily for all of us, manufacturers these days have come up with recommendations for how many people you can put inside a cabin tent. You can check them out in store or online for your convenience. Otherwise you will be simply guessing how many people you can fit in your cabin tent.

2. What kind of materials is your cabin tent made out of?

Here are some examples of materials that your tent can be made out of:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester

This material is similar to Nylon, except that this material provides great protection against certain elements such as UV rays and the rain. This makes this kind of material perfect for long-term camping, easy to guy out and waterproof the tent.

The important fact to remember is that the more sophisticated the material the tent is made out of, the more expensive the tent will be overall. It pays to have a good look around if you are looking for a tent to use for a very long time.

3. How well constructed is your cabin tent?

Just like any other tent on the market, cabin tent construction is a factor that matters in how long the tent will last you for. Looking at the seams, for example, of a cabin tent will often tell you how long the tent will last you for a period of time. If the seams wear out quickly, chances are your cabin tent will not last for a very long time in the elements.

If you are looking for a tent that is well constructed, make sure that the cabin tent comes with it’s own tent foot. The tent foot allows your cabin tent floor to be protected from the rain and the wet elements. That’s one of the many ways that you can ensure that your tent will last for a very long time.

4. Is the ventilation of your cabin tent good?

Cabin tents have a reputation of being roomy because of the slope of the roof. However, that does not mean that cabin tents are excused from having poor ventilation. If your cabin tents has poor tent meshes in the windows and doors, then chances are you are going to have breathing problems and it will get very hot inside the cabin tent.

The way that I have overcome problems with ventilation in my tents is to buy tents with large enough windows and doors to ensure good ventilation. That way, you won’t have to suffer through hot or smelly air inside your tent at night. 

5. How many guy out loops do your cabin tent have?

For those who don’t know, guy out loops are those loops that are found on the outside of the tent. The idea is that you can attach guy lines to these loops to ensure stability. These guy loops are especially useful when there are high winds. All you have to do is to tie down the flaps of your tent with a guy line attached to a guy loop and then stability is enhanced.

There is not much correlation between guy loops and the cost of your tent. However, the general rule is that the larger the tent, the more guy loops there are and are spaced properly.

Now onto our best cabin tent list…

What I especially like about this cabin tent is that it is roomy for nine people. Two queen mattresses can be fit inside the cabin tent. This gives plenty of good space for you have to have a good night in with your mates.

I especially like the fact that there is a room divider in this cabin tent. Gives a good amount of protection of privacy. Wall storage pockets are used to allow storage of items and keep items off the floor.

Cabin tent also comes with a electrical cord access port. This allows you to charge your electrical items such as your smartphone or radio. 

With rain fly, tent stakes and a carry bag included in this fantastic bundle, you will have a great time in this cabin tent.


  • check
    Has room dividers.
  • check
    Sleeps up to 9 people.
  • check
    Has electrical port


  • Bottom tarp leaks at times.

This cabin tent has a great external structure. It has three mesh windows and one large o-shaped door that provide brilliant ventilation whenever it gets very hot. Plus, the o-shaped door provides easy entrance, which is especially great when you have up to six people living in this tent throughout your camping trip.

You will also like the fact that this tent is designed for a quick and easy set up. It has it’s very own unique system that allows this cabin tent to be opened within seconds. That means there is very little assembly required, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your camping trip.

As for the materials of this tent, the polyester material provides for great breathability and protection against the UV rays.


  • check
    Sleeps up to six people.
  • check
    Easy assembly.
  • check
    One year warranty.


  • Not suitable for wet weather, better used on the beach.

This is a popular tent for many people to buy, and for good reason. This tent has so much space for nine people that it is essentially your own kind of spacious home in the wilderness.

The ventilation in this cabin tent is top notch. It has it’s own LED lighted fan system that allows air to be circulated around the tent easily. Although batteries are not included in the package that is sent to you, at least you have a fan system that allows you to get rid of hot air, especially with nine people stuck inside.

The quality of construction of this tent as well is excellent. Seams for this tent are welded to ensure maximum protection against the elements. Other tents, on the other hand, have seams that are just sewn together, making this cabin tent especially great. 

With this tent being at a comfortable height of 7ft. tall, rest assured you will have a comfortable time with this tent.


  • check
    Welded seams for excellent rain protection.
  • check
    Electric fan for good ventilation.
  • check
    Spacious for nine people.


  • No batteries included for the fan.

This is an excellent tent if you want to have more than nine people over for your next camping trip. Standing at 16ft. by 16ft., this cabin tent provides so much space that you can fit three queen air beds inside. This is perfect for those sleep in’s.

What especially impresses myself about this cabin tent is that for its size, it’s relatively easy to set up. It takes around 2 minutes to set up because it has its own pre-attached poles. That quick set up time gives you all the time in the world to enjoy the rest of your camping trip and for good reason.

As for the ventilation, this tent has seven fully closeable windows. This makes this cabin tent extremely good at keeping you and your people cool inside the cabin tent.

One other feature that makes this tent stand out is the power outlet. This is a security feature that is designed to keep bears and other predators out of your cabin tent. Since you are inside the tent, you are grounded from the electric field of the tent. That is perfect for families.


  • check
    Fits 12 people.
  • check
    2 minute set up.
  • check
    Protection against predators.


  • Poles tend to break very easily, become stuck occasionally.

I have to say, this tent almost makes you feel like you are back at home. What makes this cabin tent stand out from the other tents on this list is that the tent has it’s own porch. That makes it great to have a cup of coffee early in the morning as you are sitting on the front porch of this cabin tent.

Although this tent takes two people to set up, this tent has a great set up. The colored chain steel poles are the reason why this tent is easy to set up because you don’t have to wonder so much about where to place the poles.

The large six inside panel windows help with the ventilation of this tent along with the full-mesh roof. No matter where you are in this two-room cabin tent, good ventilation is guaranteed.

Plus, with two hanging shelves, tub style floor and taped seams for great weather protection, it’s no wonder why this tent is well known for being a home away from home.


  • check
    Has it’s own patio.
  • check
    Mesh roof and 6 large windows for good ventilation.
  • check
    Has hanging shelves and room divider.


  • Takes two people to set up this tent.

This is a great cabin tent if you have tall guests. Standing at around 6 ft. 6 in. tall, all of your tall campers can move around in this cabin tent with ease. The room divider also provides great privacy for those who are protective of their privacy.

A tent like this also comes with great taped seam flies for good weather protection from the wet. Guy ropes are also included with the tent fly for great wind protection and stability. No worries then about getting your belongings damaged or wet from extreme weather conditions.

Plus, with the color coded fiberglass poles, the set up for this tent is comparable to the top cabin tents on the market today. 


  • check
    Color coded fiberglass poles for easy set up.
  • check
    6 ft. 6 inches tall for your tall guests.
  • check
    Great weather protection.


  • Puddles can sometimes form inside the tent.

Our verdict

From our best cabin tent list, we have chosen the Coleman Prairie 9-person Cabin Tent. I like the simplicity of the tent with the electric fan, the storage pockets and the good room dividers included. The welded seams area also the best against water leakage into the tent.

If you have any more questions or you would like to make an enquiry about our best cabin tent list, feel free to leave a comment below. All enquiries welcome.

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