The Best Camping Cots For A Great Night’s Sleep

So you have decided to ditch the sleeping bag for the camping cot? Decided that you would rather sleep on something that made you comfortable as you sleep? We have you covered.

What I am going to show you today are five camping cots that you can use the next time that you go on one of your camping expeditions. They are all relatively cheaper than sleeping bags and you will get a good night’s sleep at the same time.

If you are going to find a camping cot that is comfortable though and which suits you in a personal way, you are going to need to find a camping cot that is more than simple. Here are the things that you need to look at when choosing a camping cot.


Product Name



Special Design

Coleman 2000020271 ComfortSmart Cot


275 lbs

 Foam mattress

​Durable construction

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot 

(Editor choice)

Extruded Aluminum


Steel S-leg design

​Spare bed

Outsunny Deluxe Folding Military-style Camping Cot


331 lbs


​Fold-up design

YOLER – High Strength Steel and Breathable Cloth 

High quality Steel

600 lbs

Sturdy Steel design

​Have storage bag

TETON Sports Adventurer Camp Cot 

Reinforced Steel

400 lbs

Double-wide sleep system

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What kind of camping cot that you get depends on the kind of frame that you have. You can have a lightweight camping cot that is made out of aluminium. This would be suitable for people who are not very heavy and are not too concerned about the weather conditions when they are camping.

​Or you could go for a heavy duty camping cot, where the frame is made out of steel. These camping cots are designed to hold huge amounts of weight before the frame breaks.

You also have to consider the frame leg style of the cot. There are generally three leg styles that will have their benefits and deficits.

One thing to note about the frames of the camping cots is that the heavier the camping cots, the more comfortable that you will be. Lightweight cots tend to be less comfortable, but that entirely depends on the person.


​If you are going to buy a camping cot, the weight of the camping cot and the way it folds determines the portability. If you buy a camping cot which is heavy to the point that you struggle to carry the camping cot over small distances when camping, then that cot is not right for you.

Generally, most camping cots weigh around 2-4 pounds, so that should be good news for those who don’t like carrying heavy loads.

When it comes to folding style, it depends on how you store it. There are some camping cots that can allow you to store them in a camping bag. Others may require you to store it in the boot of your car as you head to the camp site

There is not one single camp cot that is going to have portability that will suit every person. Check the portability of the camp cot before you buy it.

​Comfort And Support

​When it comes to how comfortable the camping cots are to sleep in, it is important to consider the spring system that helps absorb the weight of a person.

Some camping cots have spring systems that can adjust your level of support by moving the spring coils around on the camping cot. Others have tension systems where you can adjust your level of support.

The fabric of the camping cot is very important as well when it comes to deciding how comfortable a camping cot that you want. There are camping cots out there that can resemble a thin bed. Others can look as basic as a biscuit can look.

​In terms of the type of fabric that can be found being used for camping cots, it is generally a good idea to stay away from cotton canvas fabric. This fabric absorbs dirt and is heavier.

Many camping cots these days tend to be made out of polyester or nylon. These fabrics are easy to clean and can support the weight of your body easily.

Or you could go with mesh fabric which can keep you cool in hot weather.

​Ease Of Assembly

​How would you like it if you bought a camping cot that was impossible to assemble? Buying a camping cot that is difficult to fold can make the difference between having a good camping trip in the outdoors or spending all of your time assembling a camping cot.

There are many camping cots out there with their own folding style. The most common is the snap lock assembly style. This is the one that is exactly like assembling a tent.

Or you could go for a simple assembly style where you basically snap the joints of the cot into place (like one of those umbrellas) and you have your cot.

What matters the most here is that you feel comfortable assembling the cot. If you have experience in setting up tents, then you are more likely to feel comfortable with the snap lock style. For others, the snap joint style would be better.

​Five Camping Cots You Should See

Product Name



Our Rating

Coleman 2000020271 ComfortSmart Cot



TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot 



Outsunny Deluxe Folding Military-style Camping Cot



YOLER – High Strength Steel and Breathable Cloth 



TETON Sports Adventurer Camp Cot 



Here are now five products that you should consider buying for the next time that you go out to buy a camping cot.

If there is a camping cot that is simple to assemble and does not have all of those frivolous things that you generally find with camping cots, then this camping cot could be the answer to your desires.

This camping cot consist of a thick mattress along with a spring coil suspension system. What this means is that you can have the comforts of a home bed in your tent as you camp with your best friends.

What makes this cot comfortable as well is that the cot frame can hold up to 275 lb’s of weight, making this a very strong camping cot for the largest of bodies.

Most of all, it can be folded in half and fitted into the trunk of a car for easy storage.


  • Cot is heavily padded with coil suspension system.
  • Can fit inside most car trunks for easy storage.
  • Holds up to 275 lbs.
  • One year limited guarantee.
  • Frame made out of steel for comfort.


  • Can only fit people who are under 5ft 7 in.
  • Cannot be shipped internationally for overseas customers.

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot Perfect for Base Camp and Hunting

​This camp cot is one of the sturdiest cots on this list. One of the things that separates it out from the other cots on this list is that it can support about 600 lbs. of weight without breaking down.

What allows for the cot to carry such a huge load of weight is the slanted S design for the legs of the frame. This means that you can place as many heavy things that you want onto this cot.

Not only is this cot comfortable, but it is easy to set up and fold as well. Can fit into tight spaces for easy transport too.

The best part about this is that there is a lifetime guarantee for this camping cot.


  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Can support weight of 600 lbs.
  • Slanted S design allows for sturdy frame.
  • Easy to fold and can be transported easily.
  • Can be used with a camp pad to mimic a luxury bed.
  • Comes with a large carrying bag to allow easy transport using your shoulders.


  • Weighs about 28 lbs. Will be heavy to carry.
  • Not eligible for international shipping outside the USA.

This military style camp cot is one that does not care about deceiving you. Although the fabric of the camping cot is a thin, 100% oxford material fabric; it can carry about 331 lbs. of weight.

One of the things that tall people will love about this camping cot is that it can fit people with frames of 6ft 3 in. That means that you won’t have to sleep with your feet hanging off the edge of the cot as you sleep in your tent at night.

With a set up that can be done in less than two minutes, this steel-frame camping cot is one of the strongest, quickest and easiest cots that can be used to sleep on in your tent.

Cleaning the cot is a breeze as well; the oxford cloth material for the camping cot is washable and is resistant to mildew.


  • Made from oxford cloth.
  • Easy to clean and resistant to mildew.
  • Carry’s up to 331 lbs. of weight.- 6 ft 3 in. long.
  • Can be set up in less than two minutes.


  • Legs of the camping cot prone to breaking very easily.
  • Fabric can tear after a few uses.

This Yoler camping cot is one that can look like it has sprung from the future.

One of the things that you notice about this camping cot is that it is easy to fold. It only takes around three seconds to open and close this cot. That means that you save time and therefore you get to enjoy the great outdoors rather than spend minutes on setting up your cot for sleeping.

With the well-made steel frame design, this camping cot can carry around 600 lbs. On top of that, the fabric of the camping cot is comfortable and breathable, with three layers of fabric on the cot.

The best part of this cot though is that if you are not satisfied, then you can get a 100% refund without a reason in 180 days. Plus, you can get a replacement model if yours’ breaks.


  • 100% money back guarantee in 180 days with no questions asked.
  • Can be easily folded in 3 seconds.
  • Fabric comfortable and breathable.
  • Comes with a storage bag to place your personal items.

If you are looking for a camping cot with a lot of varieties, then the Teton Sports Adventurer camping cot is one that will satisfy your tastes.

With four sizes to choose from; this camping cot can support about 400 lbs. of weight. The cot has steel X legs to allow for the camping cot to carry up to 400 lbs.

Along with that, there is the poly canvas fabric that is very comfortable. Plus, there is a carrying bag that will allow you to place your belongings in one place.

Although you have to choose between an aluminium frame and a steel frame for the four different varieties of this brand, this is a cot that is perfect for people who want choice.


  • Has four different varieties of this product.
  • Supports up to 400 lbs.
  • Comes with carrying bag.
  • Has very strong X – legs for support of 400 lbs. people.


  • Have to choose between steel and aluminium frame for the cot.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Who is the winner of this line up?

I think that if you are looking for a camping cot, I recommend that you get the Yoler camping cot. Not only is this camping cot is easy to set up and fold, but it is made out of fabric that is comfortable and breathable.

All you have to do with is unfold the camping cot in less than three seconds and enjoy the night in a cot with all your belongings in the storage bag provided. Then, you can just pack up the camping cot just as easily as you opened the cot.

If you enjoyed this article and want to find out more about other camping equipment, then please leave a message in the comments section. Until then, enjoy!

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