The Best Camping Tarp For Camping With Your Friends

When it has come to buying tents over the years, I have always wondered about buying a camping tarp that is easy to set up and can make it possible to camp lightly.

Since I tried a camping tarp recently, I have found using a camping tarp is a great experience. You feel like someone who is truly in the outdoors and is enjoying a great time.

So to help others with buying a camping tarp, here I have come up with the best camping tarp that you can try right now for your next camping trip. What to look for when buying a camping tarp?


Here are the top three considerations that you should think about before buying a tarp. This is the top three considerations I went through before I decided to buy a tarp. This is because as a camper, I need to know what kind of tarp that I want and what do I want my tarp to do. No point in buying a tarp that is not used at all year round.



Product Dimension

Our Rate

Chill Gorilla

Ripstop Nylon

16.63 Square Feet



High density 210D Oxford fabric

Small (59 x 87 inches)

 Middle(71 x 87 inches) Large(94 x 87 inches)




0 x 120 x 120 inches



Water resistant polyester


Free Soldier

Polyester 190T checked fabric with waterproof PU coating

118 x 126 inch



2210T Dacron

10FTX 10FT


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1. Material.

When it comes to using camping tarps, it is important to choose materials that are not just strong enough to with stand tough conditions, but also are waterproof. You don’t want to end up buying a camping tarp only to get wet instantly once you are underneath.

Here are some examples of materials that you can think about while looking for the best camping tarp:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Oxford fabric construction.

Any three of these are guaranteed to offer great protection against all sorts of weather conditions. This means that you should look for tarps that are made out of strong materials. The stronger the material, the more durable the tarp will be, especially fi the tarp is to be used in the snow or in the summer.

2. Size.

Buying a small or large tarp will determine what you can do with the tarp. Larger tarps are more difficult to set up, but these kinds of tarps acts as shelter cover for your belongings. Plus, the larger tarps provide great shelter cover for more than two people.

Smaller tarps are designed more for the individual than for a large group. You should buy a smaller tarp if you are not planning on going on large trips with your friends and family. That way, less money is wasted and you get as much functionality that you want from a small tarp.

3. Multifunctional purposes.

The great thing about tarps on the market today is that the tarps can serve as multiple devices. Tarps can turn into hammocks, storage covers, tent footprints etc. that allows the person to get value for money. That is something that you normally don’t get from many camping items on the market today.

What kind of multifunctional purposes you want will depend entirely on your pocket. The more expensive the tarp is, the more sophisticated the multifunctional tarp will be. It is best that you look carefully at what you want from a tarp before you buy one.

List of products that you should try.



This is a tent tarp that is made out of a specially designed nylon called polyurethane treated nylon. The advantage of this material for this kind of tarp is that it allows the tarp to stay strong in heavy wind conditions such as heavy downpours. Nobody wants their tarp to get ripped apart by a few drops of water, which is why you should consider this tarp.

Along with the polyurethane treated nylon, this tarp comes with many grommets and hooks that allows you to tack down your tarp properly. Having many grommets and hooks ensures it is secure on the ground.

The waterproof bag will also make the storage of the tarp easy. In fact, so easy that you can carry it all around with you on not just any camping trip, but on hikes and biking when you are camping out in the bushes. You can set up camp easily this way.

Most of all, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can refund thetarp if you are not satisfied. This allows you to try the tarp out risk free, ensuring that youare risking nothing to use the tarp.


  • Made out of a polyurethane nylon for waterproofness.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Comes in it’s own bag.


  • Can come with an unpleasant smell that requires thorough washing to treat thesmell from the tarp.


For those who are looking for a tarp that provides choices, you may want to check this OUTAD waterproof camping tarp out. Coming in four sizes and four colors, this camping tarp is suitable for people who are looking for a bit of choice in finding a tarp to use.

The first thing that one will notice is that the tarp is made out of Oxford fabric construction. What this means is that the fabric of the tarp is made in a way to guarantee waterproofness. Plus, the oxford fabric construction makes sure that the tarp is suitable to be used in the most adverse of conditions.

Whether it is a heavy downpour or a windy gust, this tarp is designed to with stand all of the force of mother nature. With it’s lightweight design and the variety of choices, this camping tarp can easily double as a tent footprint or even a picnic mat.

So if your family and friends decide that it is time to have a picnic while you guys are out on a camping walk, all you have to do is take the tarp out and then use the tarp as a picnic blanket. To top it all off, the drawstring bag and the all sorts of sizes will make sure that this camping tarp will be a very useful tarp for the camping season.​


  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Oxford fabric construction for waterproofness and toughness.
  • Comes with a drawstring bag.


  • There are few grommets to ensure that the tarp is secured properly.
  • Grommets are also very small, making it difficult to put ropes and strings through the grommets of the tarp.


This nylon constructed tent tarp has got to be one of the most sophisticated camping tarps on the market today. Not only is the tarp suitable for wet conditions, but this camping tarp is also doubles a sun proof and snow proof camping tarp. This means that this camping device is perfect to be used all year around.

One of the great things about this tarp is that it is a large size (10x10 ft). This means that you can fit in multiple people along with any other extra belongings that you want sheltered. Cars, pets or grains can also be sheltered with this tarp because of its large size; making it a useful tarp to use all the time.

I have also some of my friends who have tried this tarp use it as a hammock while on their camping holiday because of the tarp’s huge size. That just goes to show what a versatile and useful tarp this is.

The great part about this tarp is that it comes with a three-year warranty. This means that if the tarp were to break within a three-year period, then you can get a replacement. Plus, you can call the customer service of Vigor if you have any questions and concerns about using this product in a certain way.​


  • Can be used in winter, summer and in adverse weather conditions.
  • Three year warranty with customer service on hand to help.
  • Can be used in a variety of ways eg. Hammock, storage cover.


  • Grommets can rip apart after only one use. Delicate care needed to set up tarp.


​This is a simple, yet very effective tarp shelter that you should consider if you are looking for a tarp without much fuss.

First of all, this tarp is made out of polyester. This is a great material, much like the oxfordfabric construction and the nylon material types that we have reviewed so far. Like all the others, the polyester material allows the tarp to be waterproof as well as allow the tarp to be lightweight.

The tarp’s waterproofness is also aided by the fact that it has sealed seams to prevent water going through the tarp. This makes it great for not just camping, but also for those special events such as boating and backpacking.


  • Made out of polyester for waterproofness. Sealed seams improve waterproofness.
  • Lightweight tarp allows it to be carried without much fuss.
  • Has reinfored out points and adjusted guy lines for easy set up.


  • Does not come with it’s own poles. The poles itself are prone to breaking and bending often.


​As much as the name suggests that this is a cheap tarp, it is also a tarp that provides great value and great functionality for two people or less. This makes it possible for a couple or a pair of camping friends to have fun with this tarp as much as possible.

The first thing that makes this tarp stand out is that it is a small sized tarp. Although this is not for those who are planning to bring in as many people as possible to camp with them,this is a tarp that is suitable for those small camping trips where there is no need to bring many items.

The tarp is very easy to set up, with great grommets and hooks to allow easy set up. That will make sure that you can spend as much time as possible using the best camping tarp that you can use. With the tarp being waterproof, strong and stable, this tarp is great because it acts as a multifunctional tarp. It can be used as a camping mat or a tent footprint. That gives you value for money.


  • Waterproof and able to withstand UV rays.
  • This tarp is multifunctional.
  • Portable.


  • Not suitable for large groups of people.
  • Can have this plastic smell that is not suitable for some individuals.

6. Collun 10x10 ft Perfect Rain Fly, Portable Lightweight Foldable Waterproof Rain Tarp


What I like about this tent is that it has great multifunctional properties. It can act as a great waterproof cloth and comes with four PC scres and PC ropes. That means that you can hang this tarp to a tree or nail it down onto the ground.

While this tarp is lightweight and portable, it also provides great sun and snow protection. This means that you and your guests are protected from the harshest of conditions. Plus,the lightweight nature of this tarp means that backpacking is a breeze.

As for the material, the 210T Dacron Enable material has great tear resistant properties, making this tarp one of the strongest on this list in terms of durability.​


  • Comes with four PC screws and ropes for convenience.
  • Made out for 210T Dacron enable for durability.
  • Lightwight and portable.


  • None
​Who is the winner of this line up?


The winner of this line up for the best camping tarp has to be the Vigor Waterproof Rainfly10x10 ft Large Tent Tarp. This is a large tarp with the size and the durability that one will need to have a successful camping trip. The multifunctional properties and the fact that it can be used in the rain and snow makes this tarp a great product to buy.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask by leaving a comment down below. We will reply back as soon as possible.

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