The Best Cooler For Camping With All Of Your Friends

Don’t we all love camping trips? When you arrive at your favourite camp site, you want to have the freshest stored food available so that you have a much more enjoyable camping trip. You don’t want to have to end up eating dried food all the time, especially when you are supposed to be eating the best food that you have.

That is why we have come up with the best cooler for camping that you can use with your friends on the next camping trip. All of these coolers have been well reviewed and all of them have different kinds of qualities that you can use for different trips.


Product Name



Out Rate

Rubbermaid Ice Chest 

(Editor’s Choice)

1 pounds


Coleman 48

4.5 pounds


Coleman 100 

4.25 pounds


Coleman 30

2.6 pounds


Coleman 16 

1.75 pounds


Coleman 54 

(Editor’s Choice)

19 pounds


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​What to look for in a cooler?

​If you are going to buy yourself a camp cooler for your next trip, then you need to know what to get. Here are some qualities that I think that you should look for when you are shopping for cooler to take on your next camping trip.

​1. What are you going to use the cooler for?

One of the characteristics that I thought of before buying my last cooler was how was I going to use the cooler. Was I going to store some fish in for my next catch when I went fishing; or was I going to use the cooler box to store vegetables or my beer?

Keeping these characteristics in mind can help you avoid the pitfalls of buying the wrong cooler. That’s because when you look at the market for coolers, you will notice that some coolers are designed to keep beer as cold as possible and some are designed to store as many fish as cold as possible.

​2. How long will the cooler last for?

​Here’s the thing about buying the cooler for camping that I have noticed – not all coolers are designed to be durable. If you were to buy a cheap cooler, then that would mean it was less durable because the general idea is that the cheaper the cooler, the more durable the cooler was.

When I bought my cooler to store my drinks, I decided to buy a pricey cooler. That’s because I camp several times per year and I don’t want to have to keep on buying a new cooler for my next camping trip. People might say that cheaper coolers are best for the budget, but then if you have to buy a cooler every time for a new camping trip, then all of those costs will add up. You don’t want that.

​3. What is the size of the cooler?

​This has sort of been mentioned in the purpose section of this part, but it needs to be re-emphasized. Buying the best cooler for camping should ultimately be about how large your cooler should be.

If you buy a large cooler, then you will be wasting a lot of space when you place all of your foods and drinks. The same thing could occur if you are buying a small cooler, but you don’t buy a large one that is designed for storing fish.

Take my coolers for example. As I said, I bought myself one camping cooler for storing my drinks and beverages. All I have to do is put my drink cans, throw some ice on them and then the next time I want to have a drink while camping, I can just get one fresh out of the cooler.

​4. How well designed is the cooler?

​One of the things that I have looked at in the past about these coolers is how well are they designed for what I want them to do. I prefer coolers that have strong latches. They generally are made out of metals such as stainless steel which will help keep warm air from escaping the cooler.

The other thing that I look at when it comes to design is whether the cooler has a great drain for draining the left over water from the cooler. That means that you don’t have to waste your energy on tilting the cooler to the side to empty the cooler.

​The six products that you should try out

Now that we have gone through the aspects that you should consider before buying a new cooler for your next camping trip; we are now going to go through some cooler products that you should consider buying.

​1. Rubbermaid Ice Chest / Cooler, Blue, 60-quart Wheeled (FG2A9002MODBL)

​What I like about the Rubbermaid Cooler is that it has great heat retention. This means that if you have beverages and food that you need to keep cold, then you can do that with this cooler.

Not only that, but you will find that this cooler is odor and stain resistant. That means that if you were to put your fish or some kind of food that is going to stink in the cooler after a period of time, that won’t happen.

Durability is something else that comes with this cooler. Since this cooler is made out of a hard plastic, you can continuously use the cooler all year round without the cooler breaking at all.


  • Great heat retention.
  • Odor and stain resistant.
  • Made in USA.


  • Can be difficult to open at times.

2. Coleman 48 - Quart Cooler, Blue

​This is a great drink cooler that you can carry around on your next camping trip. What sets this one out from many coolers is that it can carry up to 63 cans. That means that you can have a continuous supply of drinks after a long hike.

The other thing about this cooler is that it is spill resistant. This is great if you don’t want to worry about problems with spillage after you carry it to the campsite. The fact that this cooler can carry two litter bottles upright without spillage is testament to that ability.

This Coleman cooler is also very safe for the environment. There are no traces of any ozone-harming chemicals such as CFC’s and HFC’s. That means that as you are camping, you are doing something to save the planet.

Finally, this cooler comes with a drain that won’t rust. That means that you can drain the cooler of water as you wish without any problems with the drain.


  • Carries up to 63 cans.
  • Spill resistant.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • Rust-resistant drain.
  • Comes with hinged lid.
  • Two way handles, which allow easy transport.


  • Has problems at times with retaining ice at high room temperatures.
  • Lid does not stay open at times.

3. Coleman 100 Quart X-treme 5 Wheeled Cooler

​Let’s say that you are on a camping trip with at least a dozen people. Why would you go buy a small as cooler when you can buy this Coleman 100-quart cooler which is capable of storing around 160 cans. Not only does that mean that you have enough of a cooler to make your friends happy, but you also can bring as much drinks as you want on your next camping trip.

The other thing that will impress you is that this cooler is capable of storing food and drinks at a temperature of under 90F for at least five days. You don’t have to worry about any problems related to heat retention at all.

You will also be impressed with the hinged lid. This lid comes with four drink holders. That means that you can afford to keep the drinks as close to you as possible as you relax at the camp site.

Finally, when it comes to draining what’s left of the ice in the cooler, you have a drain that not only is rust proof, but you don’t have to tilt the cooler to empty out the cooler.


  • Stores up to 160 cans at a time.
  • Can retain heat for about five days at a time.
  • Hinged lid comes with drink holders.
  • Environmentally friendly with no chemicals that damage the ozone layer.
  • Easy to use draining apparatus on cooler.
  • Two way handles which allow for easier carrying.


  • Wheels on the Coleman cooler can break easily i.e. fall off.
  • Can leak at times.
  • Hinge screws can come out of the hinges, loosening the cover of the cooler.

4. Coleman 30 - Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

If you are looking for something that is not too small, but not too big either, then you might want to give this shoulder-strapped Coleman soft cooler a try. Capable of carrying 30 cans, it is a great portable cooler if you don’t want to carry a cooler with your hands on your next camping trip.

Having a removable plastic liner allows you to store this cooler as you please. That gives you the packing flexibility that not many hard-liner coolers can do for you.

Along with that comes the pockets on the cooler that allows you to store little treats or small belongings when you go out camping. If you want to carry some knives or utensils, then you can place them in the Coleman pocket compartments.


  • Comes with a shoulder strap for easier carrying.
  • Removable plastic liner.
  • Has pocket compartments.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Insert cutouts can make transferring ice to the cooler easier.


  • Can only store up to the equivalent of 30 cans
  • The shoulder strap is non-removable.

5. Coleman 16 - Can Soft Cooler with Hard Liner

This is basically the smaller version of the Coleman 30 can soft-liner cooler. The only difference is that this cooler carries only 16 cans. This, though, would make it perfect for when you are camping by yourself and you don’t want to carry too much food and drink.

Also, just like the 30 can version of the Coleman soft liner cooler, this cooler is very environmentally friendly. It does not contain chemicals that harm the ozone layer.

The ultimate plus of this cooler though is that you can easily clean this cooler because it has a PEVA liner. Clean-up is a breeze with this cooler because this cooler is smaller.


  • Has a cleanly-friendly PEVA Liner.
  • Pocket Compartments big enough to hold light snacks.
  • Has shoulder strap.
  • Can be also used as a lunch box.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Bungee cord to attach extra drink bottle to the cooler.


  • Can only carry 16 can’s equivalent.

6. Coleman 54 - Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

What a blast from the past! Although this cooler can hold an above average of 85 cans’, it also comes with its own bottle opener. That means that you can be enjoying a beer or some wine at the campsite for those special occasions.

Not only that, but all of your food and drink can be kept in the cooler for at least four days. That means that your food will be kept cold as long as possible.

With that comes a stainless steel lid latch which allows you to keep the whole cooler air tight as you are moving across hills or any messy terrain.

Finally, there is a six-year warranty. You don’t have to worry about any non-inflicted damage to the cooler because you can simply get a good replacement. If you find that the cooler is not functioning well, then you can return it back and get a better version of this cooler.


  • Can hold up to 85 cans.
  • Cooler can retain heat for around four days.
  • Stainless steel latch – retains heat.Six-year warranty.


  • Lock is made out of plastic, can break very easily.

​7. Who is the winner of this line-up?

​The definite winner of this line up has to be the Coleman 100 quart cooler. Just in terms of the size, the non-spillage capabilities and the fact that you can use the wheels to transport this cooler makes it a perfect cooler. Plus, to top it all off, this cooler comes with drink holders which I think make it a great beverage server in itself.

If you have any more questions or any more enquiries, then feel free to leave a comment below. We value all feedback and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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