Top 7 Best Food To Take Camping That You’ll Love

One of the most memorable group activities that you can do with folks is to spend one-weekend camping, and enjoy each other’s company. I personally love camping because it’s cheap yet a fun activity to do, making everyone in the group forget all the stressful factors and just enjoy the moment of being together.

You must agree that the best thing on every camping activity is meal time while chatting with each other. When you eat outdoors, food preparation should be easy as 1-2-3.

I bet that you will never volunteer to cook a 2-hour beef casserole for the group after a long, tiring walk, would you? So, what are the best food to take camping?


Granola Bars for Quick Access

First on the list of food to take with you in camping should be the easiest one to slide in your backpack, yet would definitely keep you full, whether it’s for breakfast, or you just feel the need of grabbing a bite while trekking.

A granola bar is your best choice when it comes to convenience, as eating these wonder bars won’t require a fork, plate, or even napkins. They are too tiny and portable to bring with you while having loads of nutrients to help boost energy that you need for this vacation.

Aside from the fuel it provides to get you going, a granola bar is a good source of fiber for better digestion, and its rolled oats help lower your cholesterol levels and promote healthy heart condition.

Another good reason to include these bars in your camping food list is because kids just love eating them as well! So, if you have kiddos to tag along, you should make sure not to run out of this the entire trip.

Pita Bread, Your Thinnest Food for Camping

You need all the thinnest, lightest options to bring with you when you go camping, and when everyone in your group is tired from walking and are dead hungry, who wouldn’t want to grab the pita bread and fill them with ready packed fillings?

They are just as heavy and nutrient as rice and give loads of carbohydrate to get you going. This is an ideal food for your lunch, just be creative in planning which fillings to suit your taste buds.

Pita bread is made of two major nutrients that won’t make you think twice to digest. They are known for the amount of dietary fiber content, as it has one gram per serving, which is actually equivalent to five percent of your daily recommended fiber intake daily.

Another good reason to eat pita bread is because of its protein. These thin, flat rolled bread, are loaded with 5 and ½ grams of protein, and that is 11% of your recommended protein intake in a day. Protein keeps your muscles in good shape, which you definitely need for long walks in the woods.

The pita bread can be toasted in open fire using a grill, and serve them with your pre-prepared fillings like ground beef, tomatoes, green peppers, grated cheese, etc., topped with mayonnaise and hot sauce. Fillings for the pita bread should be in sealed containers and requires no refrigeration and heating

Grilled Cheese Offers Fun While Cooking

Who would not want to play, rather cook, on an open fire? Even the kids in your group would love this activity! I personally like cooking on an open fire, as I feel the authenticity of camping this way, while happily chatting with my buddies while cooking.

This delightful food suggestion is insanely simple, but grilled cheese is definitely tasty and it can surely satisfy your taste buds. Simply fill the loaf bread with loads of meat or meat substitutes like veggies, along with cheese, wrap the loaf in foil and cook this delight on fire or on a grill by quickly turning for around fifteen minutes or until cooked.

Another option is if you have with you a pie iron, which makes the grilling easier. Careful on unwrapping the bread after cooking if you don’t want to spoil your vacation with blisters on your hands.

Nachos for Quickie Camping Dinner

If you’re in a hurry to prepare something to fill the hungry tummies of your folks, while ensuring that they will enjoy their lunch, nachos is your best choice to prepare.

You should have brought with you the prepared ingredients in vacuum sealed containers, like the sautéed butternut squash or sweet potato, tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, beans, onions.

To prepare, toss all the ingredients in a food foil on top of a grill pan, put the nachos on top, and add the onions, salsa and shredded cheese on top and cook on an open fire. Your camping buddies will definitely salivate with excitement as they get to smell the aroma of what you’re preparing for them.

Eggs in a Bottle, No Mess

You know that it is a rule not to pack anything that will get squished in your backpack or food storage when you camp, and bringing eggs is just one obvious no-no, as they will definitely crack in the food storage, or worse, crashed inside your backpack, messing up with your face towels and other stuff!

However, do you imagine how good it feels, to eat freshly cooked eggs in the morning while you fill your eyes with greenery around you? What a great way to start your day of eating bread and eggs, with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, perhaps?

The good news is, you can actually do it. Before you head to camping, simply crack all the eggs you want to bring in a bowl, whisk the eggs and add salt and pepper to taste. Now, transfer the pre-scrambled eggs to an empty, dry pet bottle and store it in your cooler box until you need to fry eggs for the group.

What a great hack to bring eggs, while not worrying about breaking or making a mess in your belongings

One-Pot Meals

Okay, I got it that you want something really sumptuous for dinner for you to call it a day of fun. But you don’t expect eating meals like the way your mom cooks for your back home as they just won’t apply when you’re eating outdoors.

Everything has to be easy and simple when it comes to food options you take to the campsite. So, if you want a real dinner to fill your stomach, you can opt for one-pot meals that are easy to cook on an open fire while you all wait while you exchange chit chats with your groupmates.

One pot cooking is popularly practiced by bachelors, dorm-students, and of course, campers.This type of cooking is simple, quick and saves tons of energy in food preparation. You can choose to create rice-based or potato-based meals, depending on your preference.

The idea is that your rice or potato should be cooked first, then top it with meat and vegetables and seasoning, along with grated cheese, and voila! You already have a dinner ready in a matter of minutes

Pasta in Fireside

One of the all-time favorite food of campers for dinner would always be pasta. Everybody wants this because it is easy to prepare, preferred by most of your groupmates including the kids, and is simply delicious.

The key is to have the pasta sauce prepared before you head to the camping site and have it stored in a ZipLock or in a vacuumed sealed plastic container.

What you will need to cook in the campsite would be the noodles, which is easy to do on an open fire, with boiling water and a pinch of salt. When the noodles are ready, just top each serving with the pasta sauce and grated cheese, and serve.

Camping should be a fun, relaxing way to spend an unforgettable vacation with your folks, and thinking of best food to bring camping is a factor to consider in planning.

I love to eat when camping, but I hate tiring food preparations and lengthy cooking times that can make my tummy growl while waiting for the food to be cooked.

It is always best to have all your food easy, simple, yet delicious.Did I miss anything that you think should be part of the list? Let me know by commenting below so that we can help other campers prepare food wiser for their next trip to the woods.

If you think this would help your friends who like to eat outdoors and do backpacking on weekends, please share this post. Happy camping!

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