7 Super Easy Food For Camping To Help You

No one gets stuck on the food preparation anymore!

Weekend camping with friends and family can be one of the nicest activities that you can do together without spending too much. However, disorganized camping trips can lead to a horrible nightmare for everyone.

It may seem simple to get your backpacks and head to the campsite anytime, but it should involve careful planning as to what stuff to bring, the weather forecast for the planned camping day, down to the easy food for camping that you will consume during the trip.

Just like how we are told to pack light when camping, camping food should also be simple, easy and cheap, so that no one in the team gets too tired. Checkout the easy food for camping that you can add to the checklist, to ensure that your next adventure will be much lighter and less tiring.


Packet Soups and Cereals

The most economical and practical must-have food to bring are those cup soups and cereals that you can score even from common convenience stores, which only require hot water to prepare.

These are greatly popular due to availability, quick and easy preparation, easy transportation and less perishable while providing healthy kickoff for the day.

I personally don’t want to wait for a two-hour breakfast preparation, while my stomach grumbles like crazy. You may be aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and being on a camping trip isn’t an excuse not to have a healthy one, yet keeping your options simple.

Consuming cereals in the morning can definitely boost your much-needed energy for the day while providing you ample nutrition, way beyond just feeling full.

Canned Sausages and Beans with Pull off Ring Openers

Canned sausages and beans are ready to eat and are intended for consumption for one person per can. They usually come in easy-open, pull off top lids. These can definitely satisfy your food cravings or even help fill you up during lunch or dinner time, along with some bagels and pita bread.

Canned beans are filled with calories, fiber, folate, and minerals that would keep you healthy, if consumed moderately. Baked beans provide nutritional values such as calcium, potassium and iron as well, and best to be paired with toast for a balanced source of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

As everyone is aware, canned foods have unbeatable advantages when it comes to storage, stability, little to no preservatives, easy transportation, and its long shelf life

Energy Bars and Biscuits

Great tasting energy bars are your best option as asnack while trekking or during breakfast. These wonder bars are known to be high in kilojoules, also known as energy, because of the carbohydrates and protein contents.

Do you know that energy bars were originally made for athletes? The carbohydrates in every bar are high enough to fuel up muscles and proteins for muscle repair, while being a good source of fiber to help your digestion work better, and relieves hunger while doing an activity, like trekking.

Make sure to grab plenty of these snacks and slide them to your backpacks so that no one in the group gets hungry during the trip.

Campfire Pizza and Burgers

Pizza and burgers are not commonly done on camping trips because they require time-consuming preparation. However, you can always create them ahead of time, and have them wrapped in foils for campfire heating during the evening.

Burger patties can be cooked ahead of time, put them in buns, along with the garnishing and wrap individually with foils, and store them in Zip Locks. Log-type pizza is a better option to create, than the traditional flat dough pizza, for convenience.

Simply roll the dough like a cinnamon roll when you’re done putting the sauces and the toppings, and wrap the log in foil, and freeze it.

When you head to the campsite, the frozen pizza will be thawed out on its own, and should be ready for the campfire flipping during the night. These can be served with roasted potatoes and some pasta if preferred

Pan Cakes, Eggs, and Omelets in Zip Locks

Easy food for camping does not mean a no-cook trip, you can definitely cook but will have less fuss. You can create great breakfast meals during the trip while not requiring too much effort in preparation and cooking. You can prepare pancake batters ahead of time, which you can store in Zip Locks, to save you time in mixing when outdoors.

Aside from pancakes, you can also prepare bags of scrambled eggs and omelets. Make sure to store these bags in your cooler until ready for cooking.

Pancakes, eggs, and omelets are just great for breakfast, together with cereals and fruits, while sipping your hot coffee, tea or chocolate.

You can either cook them over an open fire or through a portable cooker that you can purchase from camping stores.

Campfire Hotdogs on sticks

Hotdog on a stick is a foolproof, all-time favorite, camping food which is good for all ages, especially to kids. Simply freeze your bag of hotdogs before heading to the campsite, and store the bag in the cooler until ready for dinnertime.

Although you can simply pan fry the hotdogs, it is definitely more enjoyable to cook them on sticks, over an open fire, together with pineapple chunks and marshmallows.

You can even allow your kid companions on the trip to cook their own hotdog sticks over the campfire while being supervised by an adult.

Another option is to roll around crescent rolls around each hot dog, and roast them on the campfire for around ten minutes, or until the dough is cooked, and the hotdog is warm.

Rice Pouches

Rahp backpacker

My day will never be complete if I am not able to eat at least one rice meal, even while camping. For those who are like me, that prefer to have rice for lunch or dinner, these pouches can be your life saver.

There are boil-in-the-bag rice pouches available at grocery stores, that only requires being dipped for around ten minutes in boiling water. These are less perishable, highly transportable, and definitely, one of the easiest meals to prepare.

Once cooked, you can transfer the freshly cooked rice on plastic plates, and it with sardines, tuna, or sausages which you can purchase in small tin cans.

You can also try the gourmet meals in pouches like Smoke Meat and Rice pouches, which offers a complete meal for anyone, minus the preparation hassles. Rice pouches are smart and easy food for camping that you can definitely bring with you.

While nothing beats the home cooked meals that we usually eat back home, we all know that it is entirely different when we’re preparing food outdoors.

when we have limited resources to cook a typical meal. With the food suggestions above, cooking can be equally fun, minus the long waiting time, and tiring food preparation.

It is better to use your time bonding and talking with your group mates during the trip than spending all of it, plus your energy, chopping and cooking while others are going nuts, waiting for the food to be ready.

The food ideas here will definitely make the food preparation quicker and simpler. Best of all, when you get assigned to prepare the meal for your group, you will be able to carry on with the task in a breeze.

Is there any food idea in your mind that can be added to the list, or perhaps a meal that you can consider to be an easy food for camping trip?

Please help other campers to plan their trips better by commenting below. And please do share this post with someone you know that can take advantage of these food ideas.

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Hi there, I'm Lucy Gomez, camp editor at Getcampingwild.com. I grew up in a suburb of Oklahoma and I have been camping my entire life. Camping in the wild is a way of life for me.

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