How To Clean A Tent In 5 Easy Steps

Everyone wants to enjoy a perfect camping holiday without worrying about any of the cleaning and just enjoy their hiking or fishing adventures, but if you want to enjoy your next camping trip and the adventure it will bring as much as your previous ones, it is very necessary to clean your tent before packing and storing it.

It is understandable that no one enjoys cleaning up the mess they made but to have a clean and shiny tent to setup that has a clean environment in future, there are few easy steps you need to follow that will make your camping life very convenient. We are going to explain to you how to clean a tent in 5 easy steps


Try to clean as much as you can before knocking down the tent.

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I know camping can be tiring and the last thing you want to do at the end of camping is to clean the tent but, the most convenient and easy way to have a clean tent is to clean it properly before you knock it down and pack it.

You need to clean the inside surface of the tent to remove all the dirt, food, germs and stains also if you have anything stored inside the pockets make sure to remove it so that it doesn’t leave any stains or holes in the tent. Outside surface needs to be cleaned too because of the rain, leaves or dew spots that may have formed.

You should use a sponge for all the cleaning. Now before folding your tent, you need to brush the floor so that your cleaning doesn’t go to waste. Also make sure that your poles and skates are dirt free so that they don’t get dirt in your tent or your vehicle. When you break down the tent put it in a bag so that it won’t catch dirt or stains.

Check your tent out before storing it away

This particular step isn’t the one that requires immediate attention because you can do it at home after relaxing for a day or two from the tiring driving or camping. So this step is to basically make sure that the tent is clean.

You must do this step after 2, 3 camping trips. So the to do list for this step requires:

  • Set you to tent somewhere in the house where you can clean it up if needed.
  • Using a cloth and some detergent, wash the inner and the outer surface so that it is free of stains, germs or any kind of dirt.
  • ​Don’t forget to clean the skates and poles too.
  • ​Try to wipe off the water from the tent as much as you can.
  • Having a tent foot mat always comes in handy so make sure you have one. Its purpose is to protect the bottom of your tent from wetness and loose gravel on the ground
  • Never forget to clean the zips. Wash off all the dirt and in case they start sticking, a lubricant can be used to free it up.

You can also watch this video and see for yourself how to do it

Never forget to dry the tent after washing it

If you want to avoid a disaster, always be sure that your tent is dry before storing it away. Wet tent storage is a recipe for mold; mold doesn’t get energy from plants but from organic compounds.

Your tent might be waterproof but its storage bag could be of organic material; in order to avoid that, you need to follow these instructions so that you can dry off the tent completely.

  • Bend it up with a loose knot and store it away so that you won’t have to wait for it to dry off.
  • If the weather is really cold, take it inside your garage and try to suspend it so that it can dry off.
  • ​Make sure it’s clean and when you are completely sure that it’s dry form inside and outside, then sun-dry it. This process might take some time depending on the weather.
  • ​Make sure the inside and outside air are vented out, you can also speed up the process by using a fan but never try to use any dryer for this purpose

Dry a tent with the wind

To vent out all the air in the tent, open all the flaps. It will be easier to roll and pack the tent when all its air is out. Water reproofing your tent is another nifty technique you can adopt. It is an easy process and the reproofing comes with instructions which make it easy to follow.

Do what need to be done; don’t put the job off or it will only cause more trouble.

Make sure that your tent is in good shape

When you are camping, there are a lot of variables and probabilities so you should be well aware of the condition of your tent.

Check for any damages that may have happened. Damages can be repaired using a duct tape easily; you can also use gaffer tape to fix any tiny rips or damages temporarily and to keep the moisture out. Re-sealing all the seams also pays great dividends.

The most common damage or the repair you need to do is a bent or a broken pole. Always keep a spare one just in case. A split seam is also a common occurrence and in order to avoid any inconvenience, you should keep a sewing kit with you to deal with this kind of repairs.

If a seam starts leaking, don’t try to seal it, paint the seal and give it a day or two to dry off completely. Replace the things that cannot be repaired

Fold your tent properly

Folding your tent should be done perfectly so that when you store it away, it is in a good shape and doesn’t cause any damages. Once you are sure that your tent is perfectly clean, dry and in a good form to store, fold it properly like it was folded before you opened it.

Every tent is not the same but you will get good at packing with a little bit of practice. Place it in its storage bag with poles and skates and other accessories that it may have. Putting the bag in some place that is dry and cold is always a good idea.

Also, try to place the tent flat down in order to avoid any damage. In this way, your tent will be ready whenever you want to go to another camping adventure.

Keeping your tent in a good shape can make the difference of it lasting for one camping trip or many. To use it as much as can, you need to make sure that it’s stored away in a good condition. So for guaranteed and long-lasting camping experiences, make sure you know how clean a tent.

I hope that you enjoyed my post and its answers your entire question about how to clean a tent. Don’t forget to comment about what you liked in this post and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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