5 Proven Ways On How To Stay Warm In A Tent

Probably one of the best weekend adventures that don't cost you an arm and a leg, is to have a weekend camping with your loved ones.

How lovely is it to exchange chit chats with your pals over a campfire at night, while having a sumptuous dinner? Isn’t it one of the simplest activities that you can definitely pull off without the pricey boat or plane tickets just to have fun?

So, how do you really plan to ensure a successful camping trip with your pals? Prevent any mishaps or issues along the way by carefully planning from the food that your group will consume, to the tricks that you can do with how to stay warm in a tent during winter times, and guarantees everyone a sound sleep.In sub-zero season, nobody in your group would be delighted to be cold, dizzy and awake during your camping night.

I personally am looking forward to a comfy sleep after a tiring walk heading the campsite, and this part of the activity is as important as your food to eat! So, let us plan ahead for everyone’s good night’s sleep, literally under the stars!


The Right Kind of Tent for the Weather

During winter, it is important to get a tent that is designed to provide insulation inside to help you survive the cold temperature outside. There are usually flaps in tents, and it is important to not close those flaps for ventilation and prevents condensation inside.

You must be wondering now, why would you open those flaps while its freezing outside? Well, we all need some air ventilation for us to breath properly inside the tent, and most importantly, we must learn from the experts, as they say, that our body heat and our own breath can actually contribute to building up condensation inside the tent, which can absolutely make you colder the entire night.

That Ultra-Comfortable, Insulated Sleeping Pads

Seasoned campers say that the key to keeping you warm while you sleep outdoors is ultimately dependent on the type of pads that you sleep on. Ditch those air mattresses during the sub-zero season that can only add to the coldness of the night.

Do not trust your body heat either, to save you from the freezing wind as this will never work. During winter, our body heat drops, especially outdoors, and you must do something that will keep you warm and comfortable.

Invest in closed-cell sleeping pads that provide a good amount of insulation for your body, and if you prefer, top it off with a thick, wool blanket to add more comfort.

Your Ever Reliable Sleeping Bag

To ensure a warm, comfortable sleep at the campsite, get yourself a good quality, rated for zero-degree temperature, sleeping bag. When you shop for sleeping bags, remember that there are those that are made of thinner liners, usually less expensive, sleeping bags but these are intended for summer camping only.

Never make a mistake of bringing without such type of bag if you don’t want to freeze to death during your camping night. Get those that are specially designed for winter, with the purpose of providing warmth for better sleep.

If you prefer, you can buy an additional fleece liner that can increase the temperature by about ten more degrees.

Thermal Blanket for Heat Reflector

Have you heard of Mylar Thermal Blanket? Back in the days, these blankets are being used by rescue teams for emergency situations, with the purpose of reflecting the heat from the source to the patient to regulate body temperature in cold rescue locations.

The good news is that the same emergency blanket is one important trick to keep you warm in a tent during camping. So, whatever heat source that you have come up with, it reflects back down to you for the rest of the night.

Dry, Comfortable Knits and Socks

Make sure to bring your head gear like a thick knit hat to prevent your head from getting too cold. Stop putting your head inside your sleeping bag, as this does not only affect your breathing pattern, but can also create condensation inside your sleeping bag which can make you colder throughout the night.

Catalytic Heater for Camping

These heaters are specially designed for camping, and can make a huge difference than sleeping without this wonder tool. While it is designed to be up and running while you sleep, it is best to turn it on to help warm up the tent a few minutes before you hit your sleeping bag and turn it off when you are about to sleep. You can always open it in the morning when you wake up to get the needed warmth from the morning dew

Hot Water Bottles for Your Feet

These will serve are your toe warmers and can definitely help you keep warm for a few hours! There are some chemical and commercial toe warmers that you can also purchase online, but your water bottle will do the trick just the same.

Let’s Do This!

Look for the best tent placement

Pitch for the flattest surface that you can find in the campsite, and you must make sure that your head and your body have the same level when you lie down, as you don’t want some blood-rush feeling, as this tends to happen when either part of your body are elevated

It is also important to consider your distance from your camping group, make it a point that you are not all compressed into as mall area of the campsite, that can make all of you uncomfortable while sleeping. Keep a good distance in between the tents, but never place your tent too far from your peers for safety.

Another item to consider for tent placement is the dryness of the surroundings. The last thing that you want to happen after a day of long walk and trekking, is to sleep in damp surroundings, or worse, part of your tent or bedding is in the mud!

Being in a most surroundings not only brings irritation that will prevent you to relax, but it can help build up the coldness that will keep you from sleep well the entire night.

Arrange your pad, blankets and stuff in the tent

You should place your sleeping pad at the center most part of the tent for your most convenient sleep positioning. Arrange it along with your sleeping bag and fleece blanket, and keep your camping bag and other stuff all on the side most part of the tent, far enough not to accidentally kick them while sleeping.

You must arrange all your sleeping gears before you start to warm your tent up so that your blankets will absorb the temperature as well.

Warm up your tent.

A few minutes before you hit your tent, make it a point that you have warmed it up enough to keep you comfortable inside. Stick the thermal blanket the top part of the tent using a duct tape, so that the heat that will be produced inside the tent will get back down to you to help maintain the warm temperature inside.

If you have your catalytic heater available, turn it on now to help build the warmth inside the tent.

Layer your clothing, but do not overdo it.

To keep your body temperature warmer, try to wear about two or three layers of clothing and prevent your body heat from dropping fast through the night.

This way, not only that you feel warmer, but also safer and more comfortable. But be cautious not to overdo it, as too much cloth layering can prevent you to lie and move comfortably.

Also, wear your head knit to keep your head from getting too cold. Your body extremities are known to be the doors that allow coldness to kick in, so keep them covered by thick socks and mittens.

Crawl in and ready for a good night’s sleep

Right before you sleep, make sure that you have turned off the catalytic heater, as, by this time, your tent must have enough warmth to help you get a decent sleep. Then, tuck the hot water bottles underneath the beddings near you’re your feet to help you keep warm for a few hours until you fall asleep.

Now, the best part of the process is when you finally crawl inside your sleeping bag and get yourself comfortable and say Goodnight to your peers.

How wonderful it is to cap the day full of fun and adventure with a sound, comfortable sleep, right in the middle of the campsite.

Don’t let the winter season spoil your camping trip. With all the tips mentioned here, you should do just fine to protect your group from the freezing temperature outside

Do these tips help you plan your next camping trip? Share this hack to your groupmates!

Do you have any suggestions to make this post more helpful to other camping enthusiasts? Please give a hand by commenting here what are your additional ideas on how to stay warm in a tent during the cold season.

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