How To Waterproof A Tent For Your Next Camping Trip

Are you planning to go on camping but you are unsure if your tent is waterproof? Then knowing how you can effectively make it waterproof and ensuring that the one that you have would be essential. This will make sure that you will stay protected even if it starts raining while you are in a camp.

Most of the tents available today whether a single tent, a 10 person tent, a cabin tent or even a truck tent are waterproof, but as time passes by this can become a problem since the vulnerability properties will start appearing. You wouldn’t want waking up with the water slowly dripping on your body. This is the reason why waterproofing your tent is essential.

Now if you are unsure if your newly purchased tent or the tent that you already have stored in your home is waterproof, then knowing how to waterproof a tent is ideal.


Things You Will Need

  • Paperweight or a Book
Waterproofing Your Tent #1 Inspecting Your Tent

The first thing that you need to do is to start checking the tent for holes, tears, or rips. You need to pay attention to the rainfly and the floor of your tent. If there are any rips, it would be best to clean the area using the clean cloth and rubbing alcohol. Rub the area gently and let it completely dry.

Once you are done cleaning the area, you can start covering it with an adhesive that is included in a tent patch kit. Carefully place it on the spot that is damaged and applies pressure using a paperweight or a book. Follow the tent patch kit’s instruction as to how long the adhesive should be securely be pressed by a paperweight before releasing it.

​Waterproofing Your Tent #2 Inspecting the Seams of Your Tent

The next thing that you need to do is to check the seams of the floor and rainfly of your tent. Typically the seams that are sealed have shiny coating covers that are used to seal holes that are small. Now if you notice that the seams are not completely sealed or if they are starting to flake away, then cleaning the seams using the clean cloth and alcohol is the first step and let them dry.

Once they are completely dry, you can start applying a thick seam sealant in each of the seams. You need to let the seams of your tent to dry completely, and this will usually take an hour. After an hour, you start applying another sealant coat and wait for it to dry before proceeding to the next step.​

​Waterproofing Your Tent #3 Checking the Rainfly and Floor of Your Tent

Check the rainfly and the floor of your tent if both of them has already a coating of waterproof. You will know that it has a coating if the material is looking glossier. You may of course still apply just to make sure, but clean the surfaces before applying anything.

Once you are done, you can start using the waterproofing agent to your tent. You should equally implement the agent and let it completely dry before you start doing the next step.

Waterproofing Your Tent #4 Testing Your Tent​

Once everything has dried up, the last thing that you need to do is to test your tent. Wash a tent using a garden hose to test it. You can wash every area of your tent, and there are any leakage and dampness, you need to re-treat those areas again. Repeat the process as necessary until you ensure that there are no leaks and such once you start spraying the tent again​

Here’s a video on how to waterproof your tent.​

Additional Information on How to Waterproof a Tent Made of Canvas

​Things You Will Need

​Waterproofing Canvas Tent #1 Cleaning the Canvas Tent

The first thing that you need to do is to clean the canvas tent before treating it. You can use a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean your tent. Rub every part of the tent to ensure that it is clean once you start waterproofing it.

Waterproofing Canvas Tent #2 Spraying Fluoropolymer Based Product and Brushing Petroleum Sealant​

Once you are done cleaning your canvas tent, you can start spraying it with a fluoropolymer based product. This will help in actually waterproofing the canvas tent. Let Your canvas tent dry up for you to be able to test it.

You may also use a petroleum sealant as this is also a good way to waterproof your canvas tent. Using a brush, apply the sealant and start cleaning it on the tent and of course, let it completely dry.​

Waterproofing Canvas Tent #3 Testing the Canvas Tent​

Using a bucket with water, start tossing the water to the canvas tent. If the water starts going through the fabric, then this means that you have to repeat respraying it or brush with petroleum sealant.​


These are all the information on how to waterproof a tent for your next camping trip. You no longer have to worry about water dripping in to your tent, because if you follow these tips, you will surely be able to securely waterproof your tent, keep you and your family dry.​

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