Truck Camping Accessories That Will Make Camping Fun

I have done a lot of camping over the years and it has been a great experience. Travelling to beautiful places where you can pitch your tent and go on hiking trips for days on end are some of the best things to do when you are going camping.

However, in the past year I have also begun to try out truck camping. The kinds of truck camping accessories that you need to do this type of camping is so fascinating to me, that have decided to create a list of truck camping accessories that you want for your next truck camping trip.


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​When it comes to having a shelter underneath you as you sleep in your truck, it is best to have your very own truck tent with you.

The difference between having a typical truck bed cap and a truck tent is the size. You can easily get out of a truck tent because the truck tent is designed to allow a person to get out of the truck easily. Whereas a truck bed cap can be difficult to get out of if the bed cap is not high enough.

If you are planning to use a truck cap with you, then make sure that there is enough room to fit all of your belongings with you. The worst thing that you can do is not have enough room to fit all the essential belongings that you have.

2. Tent Bed

​One of the items that is a necessity is to have your own bed inside the back of the truck. That is because you don’t want to sleep on the hard surface of your truck; especially when you consider that you might not be used to sleeping on a hard surface.

Do not just get an ordinary bed – that would be too big for any normal truck. Instead, get one of those camping beds where you can instantly inflate. You can find many camping beds of many sizes and there are some on the market that are designed to fit perfectly into small spaces.

As for when it comes to using covers when you sleep, I recommend that you get some bed cover sheets. Sleeping bags are great as a tent camping tool, however in my experience it is better to use covers when you are in a small space. You can manoeuvre inside the truck boot easier since you will have more space to move your body when you try to get out of the car.

3. Truck Cabinet

​This is a great idea for those who want to store their clothes and all essential items in a orderly way.

The way that these truck cabinets are built is that they are built like drawers. When you open up the boot of your truck, you can pull out the drawers that are installed and then you can grab the belongings and tools that you need to enjoy truck camping.

As for how the truck cabinet will fit into the boot of your car, the truck cabinet will essentially be the base for your bed to sit right on. That’ll ensure that you are not squeezed in too much into the boot of your truck and you’ll be able to have all of your belongings with you.

The only thing about this idea is that you will have to create your own truck cabinet. That’s unless you can buy a truck cabinet that can fit the exact specifications of the boot of your truck. My friends have found that getting one custom made for your truck is the best way to go, if you can fork out quite a bit of money to create a truck cabinet.

4. Portable Shower

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This rule is as important as it is for all camping trips with the exception of those camp sites where there are permanent showers; you need to get one of those portable hanging showers. That way, you’ll have a suitable device for washing your body when you are camping from your truck.

It is best that you bring your own supply of water to accompany the shower bag so that you can have a clean source of water to wash yourself. If not, then you can bring in some chlorine and pour that into water that you have collected in nearby streams of rivers. Otherwise, hang it from your truck and have fun washing.​

5. Portable Stove

Having a portable stove is a great way for you to cook without having to go build a campfire. All you need to do is buy some gas cylinders and a stove valve to attach to the cylinder and then you can start cooking your favourite food from the boot of your truck.

Or, if you are not comfortable with a portable stove, then you can get other alternative stoves. Electrical stoves or induction heat stoves are great alternatives that you can have as your cooking stove. As long as you can afford to use the stove, you should be fine with using one.​

6. Camping Cooler

If you are planning to bring in lots of food with you when you are going truck camping, then it is best to have a camping cooler to store all of your food and drink.

The great thing about camping coolers is that they are capable of keeping your food and drink cold for a very long time, provided that you don’t plan on opening the cooler door too much. All you have to do is put cooler ice and then add your food and drink to the cooler before taking it with you.​

Always think about what you are going to bring with you before deciding on bringing a cooler. These coolers can be difficult to store in the back of the truck if you are camping out of the boot, but if you get one of those really small coolers, then you should be fine.​

7. Truck Rack

If you are one of those people who struggle with rearranging your stuff, then having a truck rack can do the trick with you. This is a great camping accessory because you can arrange big items such as your kayak, bike or even a cargo box when you need to do so.

The top tip though is that if you are going to buy a truck rack, then you should obviously check which kind of rack you get and whether the rack can fit onto the truck. Nothing worse than having spent hundreds of dollars on a rack for you to not be able to fit it onto the truck.

What I’ve found the past is that racks are great for hanging your portable shower on. There is no need to find somewhere to hang the shower bag because your truck has a rack to hang the shower bag on. Very convenient, especially if you have clothes to dry out as well.

8. Power Inverter

​I think that if you are going to bring any electronic accessories with you, then you definitely need to get a power inverter. They are very useful because they can convert the DC voltage from your car into ac voltage. This is great if you want to use your laptop or if you want to use your tablet device.

Personally, I find the power inverters really great to use when it is raining outside and you have to sit inside the boot of the truck. There, you can play games or read on your electronics without having to worry about the batteries running out.

Even better, if there is an emergency, you will at least know that you have a power inverter just in case your phone battery is about to run out. Very useful device to have in your truck when needed.


I hope that you have really enjoyed this list on the best truck camping accessories that you can buy. I thought that since not many people know about truck camping, nor know nowhere what kind of truck camping accessories that you can bring with you, I thought that this list would be useful.

If you have any more questions, or you have an enquiry about any truck camping accessories on this list, then leave a comment down below. We appreciate all comments and we’ll respond as soon as possible.​

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