Where Are RTIC Coolers Made? Everything You Need To Know

The RTIC coolers are rather new to the scene as the company was established two years back. The business approach of the company is quite unique and RTIC appears to be in direct competition with the leading company, Yeti. In fact, the products are designed to directly compete with the completion in the market based on features while offering the best price in town.

The company has managed to offer cost effectiveness by removing the distribution channel. By cutting out middle-men between the company and the customer, RTIC has managed to reduce costs.

The company clearly relies on sheer quality and word of mouth for advertisement as it’s not marketing via retail. It does not involve in endorsements and sponsorships for sales. You might have seen their hype on social media and their coolers deserve every bit of it.


Why Choose RTIC Coolers for Camping?

The company offers rotationally molded coolers that are specifically designed to offer longevity and cold temperature to things kept in them. Moreover, these coolers help protect your food and drinks from creatures in the forest. The coolers offer thick walls of protection and ensure maintenance of your desired temperature. The material offers great defense against high degree of abuse. With RTIC coolers, you really don’t have to worry about long term value, durability, and quality.

The RTIC coolers do not come in fancy names. The company has kept things honest and simple by naming the hard sided coolers as roto-molded coolers. You can find the hard-sided coolers in a total of three sizes. The larger 65 size is quite impressive.

The soft sided ones are referred to as SoftPak coolers. These are offered in three sizes as well to suit your needs. Moreover, you can find a compact lunch box in these as well. With additional features as such, your short excursions will be taken care of.

Compared to competition, RTIC coolers offer you larger sizes with bigger dimensions and additional storage capacity. The quality is at par with the best on the market while the price is very light on the pocket. One-piece seamless manufacturing processes are used to ensure you perfect quality.

The walls of these coolers are lined with commercial grade polyurethane foams. This is the very best insulation offered in the industry. Moreover, the closed cell foams allow the coolers to prevent air and moisture. The glue like tenacity offered by the foam adds to the general strength of the walls.The ultra-thick insulation included in the rotationally molded coolers creates an indestructible product for you.

The company claims that their coolers have the capacity to store ice up to ten days. However, this claim is relevant to the external temperature and frequency of usage. But with a guarantee of 10 days, you have your camping covered for sure.

Where Are RTIC Coolers Made?

In order to fully trust the company, you need to inform yourself regarding the product. One of the most important and frequently asked questions is, “where are the RTIC coolers made”.

Considering the company has no retail shop, the question is quite justified. However, RTIC has maintained full disclosure regarding this and allowed the customers complete knowledge regarding the product sourcing and manufacturing. Much like their major competition, RTIC coolers are made in China. Overseas manufacturing allows the company to offer you the best quality and features at the fraction of the market price.

Where Can I Buy RTIC Coolers From?

Via Amazon.com

The company does not offer any retail locations. RTIC offers a direct relationship with their consumers via the internet. The internet retailer offers you the best quality to your doorstep. The highly compelling value offered is enhanced with the availability of delivery. Not only do you get the best product at the best price but you save time as well.

The company is its own importer, retailer, marketer, and brand, all in one. By removing the prices of commercials and ambassadors, the company is able to promote their products free of cost thanks to social media and word of mouth. You are offered every feature available at the very best price.

In order to purchase your favorite RTIC cooler, you can simply visit the company’s main website. Not only will you be able to access this user-friendly website with ease, but all of your queries will be answered regarding the product and service.

Moreover, you can find the RTIC coolers on Amazon as well. However, contacting the company directly is always advisable in order to get the best quality without any risks involved. Considering the effective pricing, you really don’t have to worry about purchasing used coolers anymore.

Final Verdict

RTIC coolers are your best alternative to the leading companies. Not only will you get great value for your money but the additional features and durability will leave you satisfied. Make the best of your next camping trip with these cost effective solutions

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